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Regular Technical Support Fair Use Policy (RTSFUP)

We prefer not to impose hard quotas on our provision of Technical Support beyond expecting Fair Use:

  • We provide technical documentation and we expect our users to be familiar with it before contacting us.
  • We provide paid training courses for users who do not have time to read the documentation or who feel that they need some additional help.
  • Most users make demands on our Technical Support occasionally (a few times a year) or never; a few do so slightly more regularly.
  • Some users make more extensive demands on our resources, but this is viable when there is a specific problem covered by Regular Technical Support that has to be resolved.
We do not regard it as Fair Use for you to:
  • Call for technical support before to investigate the problem by yourself and make sure that the problem is related to our software.
    Missing user permissions, network connectivity issues, or SQL syntax errors are examples of problems not related to our software.
  • Decline to obtain training, and continue to make significant demands on our Technical Support, in effect obtaining free of charge Training by Email.
Regular Technical Support is provided for the lowest possible cost. To ensure that all customers have equal access to Regular Technical Support, we may not renew technical support subscription or request to move to a different support plan for any customer that is consuming significantly more support time, or logging more support issues than a typical customer with similar users and a similar subscription.

Beyond the Regular Technical Support described here, recourse to our technical expertise is available as paid Consultancy Time or Support Contract.