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RT Reporting software

Our software is designed to cover different requirements: refresh, run and schedule reports, run multiple reports and combine the output, search reports' metadata, analyze reports' changes and restore previous versions. Here are the available modules:


RT Crystal
Scheduler Light
RT Crystal
RT Scheduler
Crystal reports
Ad-hoc queries
Interactive Dashboards
Crystal extensions
Multiuser and support for network operations
(control server scheduler from a user machine)
Data driven reports
- Conditional processing
- Continuous processing
- Conditional report connections
- Commands
Price $574

Crystal reports management tools

Codegato DataSource Updater Codegato Documentation and Search Codegato Version Control
Codegato Document Management
Batch update Crystal reports connections
Create documentation for Crystal reports
Compare reports and find differences
Search report metadata (tables, formulas, texts etc.)
Lock reports to allow editing by one developer at a time
Add custom notes and attachments and associate them with report's versions.
(Keep request documentation with the version changes)
Restore previous versions of reports
Compare different versions of the same report and follow development progress
Find changed reports in a folder. Useful when it is necessary to find changed reports after updates (EPIC, external reports vendors)
Process external PDF, Excel and Word files
Price $459


Viewer Pro

RT Enterprise edition


License for Scheduler Pro and unlimited licenses for Viewer Pro (supports Crystal Reports, SSRS, Dashboards and SQL Ad-hoc reports). Include license for Documentation and Search for Crystal reports($999). Includes 1 hour of Codegato Software Consulting/Programming. Options to include a cheaper second license for Disaster recovery server.

Crystal Viewer

Crystal Reports bundle


License for Crystal Scheduler and unlimited licenses for Crystal Viewer. Include Crystal Data Source ($459)