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Version Control and Documentation for Crystal Reports (17:42)

How to add reports to Version control, track the changes, generate documentation and search for tables, formulas etc.

Documentation and Search for Crystal Reports (4:31)

This video shows some unique features of RT Report Manager: working with Crystal reports, SSRS and SQL reports; pivot tables ; cascading and hidden parameters ; parameters templates; jobs; scheduler; permissions ... Check it if you want to see the software from the end user point of view.

Add a report (1:30)

Shows how to add a report and set connections, default values, delivery etc.

Dashboards and Crystal reports extensions (4:10)

Shows how to extend an existing Crystal report with interactive dashboards, pivot tables and charts.

Add multiple reports (4:37)

Shows how to add quickly multiple reports from a folder using "Add reports from folder" wizard.

Create a job (2:35)

Shows how to add a report and set connections, default values, delivery etc.

Crystal report bursting (5:33)

How to create a bursting job to generate multiple files and e-mails from a single Crystal report.

Data driven subsription (Data driven job) (3:57)

Create a job to send e-mails with attachments to a list of addressee retrived from the database. Shows how to create a job which will run one or more reports per each row in a dynamic table and will send an e-mail with the attached result to e-mail address from the table. Available for all report types (Crystal reports, SSRS, Ad-hoc SQL, Dashboards)

Parameter Templates (3:45)

Add multiple parameters' templates to a report. This will allow a quick switch between sets of default values. For example setting a period to the previous week, month or year.

Cascading parameters (5:31)

Create cascading parameters with any report ( even before crystal reports 10).

Schedule a Job (0:31)

Add a task to the scheduler interface (similar to Outlook calendar).

Add new report to RT Report Manager and send the output to Document Management (3:18)

Shows how to add a new report in Report Manager, set parameters and send the result to Document Management.

Advanced export to Excel from Crystal Reports and SQL Ad-hoc reports

Shows how to export a crystal reports to an excel worksheet with formulas and filters. The task could be automated and the generated excel file couls be send by e-mail