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Technical support

Regular technical support is available as annual subscription and includes 1 year of software updates and unlimited technical support by email (subject to Fair Use Policy). Email response time for regular technical support is up to 3 business days.

We want to make sure that you will be able to use the full capabilities of our software. Because of that, annual subscription for the first year after the purchase is free**.
If you would like to continue to receive software updates and technical support after the 1st year, you can renew your annual subscription. Annual subscription should be renewed not later than the expiration date of the previous annual subscription. Renewal price for non-expired annual subscription is 40% of the current purchase price for the same configuration at the time of the renewal. Renewal price for annual subscription expired less than 6 months before the renewal date is 75% of the purchase price for the same configuration at the time of the renewal. There is no option to renew annual subscription for discounted price later than the 6th month after the expiration date. You will need to pay 100% of the purchase price for the same configuration at the time of the renewal.

The annual subscription for technical support is optional. Our software licenses are perpetual. You can continue to use the software without renewing the technical support.

However, please keep in mind that we do not provide ANY support without an active subscription for technical support. You can continue using your existing copy of the software, but you are not going to receive ANY support including support for upgrades, migrations, questions, license keys etc.

What is included in the scope of Regular technical support?

Please note that Regular technical support is by email only. Any interaction with R-Tag Software LLC staff related to the topics bellow will be by email.

  • Technical support related to every day normal use of RT Report Manager features.
  • Guidance on implementation, installation, licensing, and configuration of our software on environments that meet software system requirements.
  • Troubleshoot failures, errors, performance issues, crashes, or unexpected behavior of RT Report Manager.
  • Access to upgrades, including major and minor releases.

What is outside of the scope of Regular technical support?

  • Customization of solutions, templates, or tools; including unsupported software functionality.
  • Issues specific to hardware, third party software, technology, or peripherals not provided by R-Tag Software LLC.
  • Consultation on reports, SQL queries, database architecture and administration, system administration, system configuration, performance tuning, or security (except if it is part of Gold support plan).
  • Creating system and database backups, maintenance tasks or installation/upgrades (except if it is part of Gold support plan).
  • Extended Application Training. R-Tag Software LLC will answer any questions you have about our software as part of the regular support, but we need to charge for extended Webinar/screen sharing training sessions.
  • Customer C# and SQL code. You are fully responsible for the correct operation of any and all custom scripts and commands created in RT Report Manager. We will not troubleshoot or provide any support relating to malfunctioning scripts or commands. This is a policy that we must strictly adhere to (except if it is part of Gold support plan).
  • Database upgrades for reinstated Regular Technical Support. If your Regular Technical Support expires and after some time you decide to reinstate it, database upgrades (if necessary) have to be paid as out of scope support.

Codegato Computer Software Consulting: $400/hr Includes computer software desingn, computer programming and maintenance of computer software. Additional support and support not related to RT Report Manager or not in scope of our technical support is $400/hr.
Extended Application Training: $300/hr for 1 trainee, $50/hr for each additional trainee.
An active regular subscription for tech support and software updates is required in order to use these options.

If you consider Regular technical support too limited, you can purchase Silver or Gold plan for technical support:

Codegato Silver plan *** $400/month paid annually

  • email response time 1 business day (usually the same day if requested before noon)
  • up to 2 hours per month phone and remote support session
  • Support for RT Report Manager migration and software updates.

Codegato Gold plan (please contact us for pricing)
  • everything included in Silver support
  • 24x7 response by email or phone (including unlimited remote sessions when necessary)
  • Support for database and report design and development.
  • RT Report Manager administration (maintenance plans, backups, backup restore, migrations, upgrades to latest version etc.). Will require admin permissions for internal RT Report Manager SQL Server database or a company administrator should be involved.
Please contact us if you are interested to purchase Golden technical support.

** Free first year subscription.
When multiple licenses are purchased in time, the free year will start with the purchase of the first license.
Purchasing 1 license for report viewer on March 1st 2030 will include a free annual subscription (March 1st 2030 - March 1st 2031).
Purchasing a second license on August 1st 2030 will not add additional year of annual subscription. The annual subscription for the second license will expire on the same date as annual subscription for the first license (March 1st 2031).
Purchasing a third license on March 1st 2031 will not add any free annual subscription. The annual subscription will be managed for all licenses.
*** Silver plan requires active Regular support.