Install RT Scheduler windows service  

Here are the steps to activate RT Scheduler windows service: 

1.Run RTManager.exe as an Administrator. To do that right click on RTManager.exe and select menu “Run as Administrator”.

The default path to RTManager.exe is: C:\RT\RT Report Manager\RTManager.exe 

1.Once the program is started, open Settings either by clicking the small gear icon on the top of the screen or by clicking Commands -> menu “Settings”.


1.Click the button “Set current computer as active scheduler”. This will tell RT Scheduler Service that the current computer will behave as scheduler. Even if you have RT Scheduler Service installed on other machines, they will not run scheduled jobs. 


1.In the right panel check the check-box “Use Windows Service”. This will show a dialog box to set Windows service login information.


1.In the Service dialog box set the username and password, which will be used to run the service. This will create the service and configure it. Keep in mind that the username should exists in RT Report Manager. There are no restrictions for the number of users in RT Report manager.  You can add a new user and use it explicitly for Windows service scheduler.


1.Close RT Report Manager and open Windows Services interface. You can do that by going to Control Panel-> Administrative tasks ->Services  


Right click on RT Scheduler Service and click “Start”. Sometimes, depending on the system and security settings you may see a message that the service was not started correctly because of a login error.  To resolve it, right click on RT Scheduler Service and select “Properties”. Navigate to the second tab “Logon” and set the username and password again. Click “Apply” and you should see a message confirming the change. If this does not happen, please contact 


1.Set service synchronization period. Since RT Report Manager and RT Scheduler Service are separate applications, the service will need to check for scheduling changes made in RT Report Manager. In the example bellow service will check for changes every 2 minutes. 


1.Once the service is started you can open the log file and check schedulers’ activity. To do that start RT Report Manager (Run as administrator is not required), click button “Settings” and select item “Maintenance\Actions”. On the right side select “Log files” and click button “Open folder”.


Find the subfolder for the current date and open it. Keep in mind that the log files folder depends on the user. If you are using different users to run RT Report Manager and RT Scheduler Service your log files folder will not show any activity when you open it through the Settings dialog. In this case you need to go manually to: C:\Users\<username used for the service>\AppData\Roaming\logs


1.If you decide to go back to the non-service scheduler, uncheck the check box “Use Windows Service” and restart RT Scheduler Service so it can load the new settings.