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1. I started R-Tag and it is asking for password. I did not set any users or passwords. How do I login ?
During the installation R-Tag will create an user "BuiltIn Administrator" with empty password (no password). Please set a password for "BuiltIn Administrator" user to avoid security issues.

2. I started R-Tag and I am getting a message "All workstation licenses are in use". How to resolve this ?
This message is shown when you install R-Tag on more computers than your license allows. A possible reason might be a hardware upgrade, when R-Tag is moved on a new computer and the old one is retired. To resolve the issue you need to disable the old computer in R-Tag. Please check this document to find how to do this: How to solve "All Workstations licenses are in use""

3. My Navigation panel is missing and I cannot see my reports
This might be happening because the coordinates of the Navigation panel are incorrect. The easiest way to resolve the issue is to open Settings, then, in the tree on left, select Maintenance/Actions. On the right, in the Maintenance action combobox, select "Layouts" and click the "Clear" button. R-Tag will restart and will generate new layouts. All personal formatting, grid layouts, and etc. will be lost. If you would like to preserve your personal formatting, click "Open folder", close R-Tag, and then, in File manager, delete file MainManager.xml . This will preserve all other settings except the layout of the main screen.
4. I used the button "Use Windows service" and set the user credentials for the service but the service is not working. How do I configure the windows service ?
In order to setup the windows service for R-Tag Scheduler you need to run R-Tag Report Manager as Administrator. Find RTManager.exe, right click and click menu "Run as Administrator". Then go to Settings and select Schedule from the tree. Press the button "Set Current Workstation as Active" and then press "Use Windows Service". Insert the user name and password , which will be used for the windows service and restart the computer. Here are step by step instructions how to activate R-Tag Scheduler service: Activate R-Tag Scheduler Windows Service

5. Jobs are working fine in R-Tag Report Manager but fail when started by R-Tag Scheduler service. What is wrong ?
Windows services cannot access mapped drives. So, if your reports are placed on a network drive (or you want to export a report to a network drive) you need to use UNC path. For example a path R:\Reports\Report1.rpt will work fine for R-Tag Manager when you run the report manually but will fail when the report is started by R-Tag Scheduler service. Mapped drive R is saved in the user profile and the windows service will be not able to read it. R-Tag Scheduler will return error message about missing report file because drive R doesn't exists for the windows service. The UNC path for the example above looks like \\Server1\Reports\Report1.rpt. The same rule is valid when you define the export paths.

6. R-Tag is showing a message "R-Tag cannot work with this database."
The reason for this is incorectly set internal database. Please check this document how to fix this: How to fix "R-Tag cannot work with this database"?.

7. Crystal reports is missing from the list of available reports. How do I add it ?
The current version of R-Tag is using Crystal Reports 13 runtime Service pack 17. The latest version of Crystal runtime is 13.0.23, but there are some issues with the backward compatibility , so we decided to use 13.0.17. The installation will install all required components including Crystal runtime. However. in some cases Crystal runtime might not be installed. Here are some possible scenarios:
- You tested few other Crystal Reports 3rd party tools and CR runtime was already installed by one of them. Check what is your current service pack version. If one of the other tools installed for example service pack 5 Crystal reports setup may detect that version 13 is already installed and will not install it again. However R-Tag will expect ver. 13.0.17 and Crystal reports will be not available - You are installing R-Tag 32 bits and there is already CR runtime 13 64 bits installed, or you are installing R-Tag 64 bits and CR 32 is already installed. Sometimes Crystal setup will ignore the version and will not install 32 bit version if the 64 is already installed ( and 64 bit if 32 bit is already installed)
To fix this issue please open R-Tag installation zip file and find the folder Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 4. Start CRRuntime_32bit_13_0_17.msi or CRRuntime_64bit_13_0_17.msi manually. This will install CR 13 sp17.

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