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RT Community Edition

We are continuing our program to help the community. After the free licenses for non-profits and 1 free viewer license per company we decided to go further and release a free scheduler for Crystal reports. What do you need to do ? Just like us on Facebook so we can keep this software free.

Here are some of the available features

  • Refresh and export Crystal reports
  • Organize reports in batches (jobs) and schedule execution and delivery
  • Schedule up to 5 jobs. Visual scheduler interface.
  • Single pass report bursting for Crystal reports (emails are restricted to single user).
  • Export to multiple excel worksheets in one file. Export multiple reports to one Excel or PDF file.
  • Export to Excel 2016 with formatting ( this is not data only export)
  • Export to Word 2016 (this is not export to RTF file renamed as DOC)
  • Export to Excel with formulas, totals, auto-filters and pivot tables (no need to have Excel installed)
  • Export to SharePoint and Office365
  • Journal - contains information about report usage, parameters and output files. Allows to optimize reports.
  • Cascading parameters for all report types (including pre Crystal XI reports)
  • Parameters' templates allowing quickly to set scenarios like previous year/month/week, last used parameter values etc.
  • Use multiple values parameters with stored procedures
  • Retrieve Crystal Reports data-source and analyze it in a table, pivot table or dashboard
  • Advanced formula engine to specify dynamic file names, folders, email addresses, subject and body.
  • Report fields and formulas available when preparing dynamic file names, folders, email addresses, email subject and body
  • WYSWUG email editor with Mail merge.
  • Embed report output as HTML or Image in the email body.
  • Internal Excel, Word and PDF viewers - MS Office or Adobe installations are not required.

RT Community edition is our attempt to help small businesses without budget for report automation. It is available for the areas where we have offices: North America, Europe and Australia. We can provide the software for free but we cannot provide technical support with it, so please make sure you can handle it by yourself. We are not going to provide Community edition license to software companies, IT consultants and RT re-sellers. We reserve the right to not provide license for RT Community edition without explanations. Companies cannot own paid and community edition license simultaneously. Max. 1 Community edition license per company.
Please do not call us for technical support. If you get some support from us you will be not able to get a registration for the Community edition.

We consider a small business a company with revenue under $1 million USD and less than 15 employees.
Non-profits are welcome to apply, but they need to be small businesses. We may provide a community license to non-profits with revenue higher than 1 million USD if the CEO's salary is lower than $80K.
Please use Contact Us page if you have questions.

Compare versions

Feature comparison RT Report Manager
Community Edition
RT Report Manager
Viewer and scheduler for Crystal reports
Number of reports Unlimited Unlimited
Number of reports batches (jobs) 5 Unlimited
Local database allowing easy local installation
Technical support subscription.
Viewer and scheduler for Crystal reports, SSRS, Interactive Dashboards and SQL ad-hoc reports (SQL Server , Oracle, Access, Excel any other database supporting OLE DB or ODBC)
Data driven jobs for Crystal Reports and SSRS (you can run your data driven SSRS reports with SQLServer Standard without purchasing Enterprise license)
SQL server database allowing easy network management and backups. If you don"t have available SQL Server license you can use the free SQL Server Express.
Delivery to multiple instances in multiple destinations.
For example deliver the same data to 3 different excel files (one as a regular table, 1 as a pivot table and 1 where the data will be added as an additional worksheet, actually there is no limitation) also delivery to few different email addresses with different email bodies and attachments - 1 email with attached PDF file and inserted HTML file inside the email body , another e-mail with attached 5 excel files presenting the same data in different views.
WYSIWG email editor with ability to insert multiple views of the�report data inside the e-mail message.
For example you can embed inside the email body a pivot table showing the summaries,�few�views of the same data formatted and filtered in different ways and�dashboard charts�visualizing the data. Report file with all details could be attached
Combine reports from different types.
For example 3 crystal reports, �a SQL ad-hoc query and a Dashboard�could be run together and combined into multiple Excel�and PDF files.
Combine the result from reports with existing PDF or Excel files.
For example run a report, export it to a PDF and combine it with another PDF , which was created manually. Useful when you want to distribute coupons, letters and other fixed content, prepared directly in Word, Adobe Acrobat or Excel.�
Roles management. Support for job and report permissions. You can control which user is able to work with each report and job.
For example by applying permissions you can make report "A" available to the whole company while report "B"�will be available just to Finance department and the CEO.�
Document management. Export reports directly to the internal document management. Retrieve the documents by tags.
For example get all reports run from June 2011 to June 2012 for Customer "X" or�open reports journal and find a copy of a report run on a specific date.
Conditional processing.
Workflow in Jobs. Allows you to change the order and include/exclude reports based on runtime data.
For example: run invoice reports for all customers with balance,
- for customers in�the USA print the English version of the report,
- for customers in�Canada print�the English and the French version of the report
- for customers in Mexico print the Spanish version of the report.
Also for new�customers in Texas add�special instruction letter from�an existing PDF file.
Continuous processing.
This is useful when an external application generates invoices, orders or statement records in a database. RT Report Manager monitors the database by running data driven job on a short interval. When a new record is detected RT Report Manager will run a report, send it by email and mark the record as processed so it will be ignored during the future runs.
Run multiple reports simultaneously.
No need to wait for�each report to finish in order to run the next one.
Network installation and support for multiple report viewers with central management from any computer in the network�
C# code integrated with reports and jobs , which allows to generate file names, e-mail addresses, e-mail subject, e-mail body etc. C# code also can be used in events.�For example: validate parameters" values and cancel the report if parameters are not correct
Send emails to multiple users


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We DO NOT use Excel automation for our export to Excel features. Excel automation is a method to call Excel from another software to process or generate files. It is simplifying the development, but increases the cost of the software because it requires Microsoft Office license in order the software to work. Excel automation also may cause issues when the software is used. Acording to Microsoft:
Microsoft does not currently recommend, and does not support, Automation of Microsoft Office applications from any unattended, noninteractive client application or component (including ASP, ASP.NET, DCOM, and NT Services), because Office may exhibit unstable behavior and/or deadlock when Office is run in this environment.
Read the full article here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/257757