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Mobile friendly

Crystal report files are binary files and regular version control software is not able to compare them. RT Crystal Report Version Control is able to preserve versions, compare them and present the changes in an easy to understand way. Here is how changes for a formula are presented.

RT Crystal Version Control is able to check a whole folder of reports and tell you, which of the reports in the folder are changed and what the differences are. Here is a standard workflow for Epic users when an update from Epic is received:
  1. Need to update the connection string
  2. What has changed in the new reports?
  3. Did we customize any of the new reports?
  4. Inventory our reports
  5. Quickly identify any dependencies

All this and even more can be handled using RT Version control. It is optimized to work with multiple users and manages not just the changes, but also the access to the reports. It can report changes by time, developer, vendor, computer etc. Our customers report tremendous time saving.

Advantages of using RT Version Control with Epic reports:

  1. You will be able to identify the reports with changes in minutes, import them to the system and find what was changed. Later you can use this information to update the new reports if some of them overwrite reports with customizations.
  2. Find all reports with new versions in a specific period.
  3. Compare the old and new version of the same report
  4. Manage access to the reports for the developers. When a report is edited by one developer it will be locked and not accessible for anybody else. Changes are reported by developer too, so you can find who deployed and when it was deployed.
You can find more information and demo videos for RT Version Control for Crystal Reports here: RT Version Control for Crystal Reports